June 30, 2012

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June 30, 2012

Microsoft came clean on Monday when they officially announced their newest entry into the tablet market “Surface”, also this is billed as the first competitive entry into the computer hardware world, as we all know there have been a plethora of Microsoft near-do-nothing after thoughts. I personally was anticipating that the hoopla was relative to Microsoft delivering their own product into the crowded market, which remains monopolized by Apple and with the iPad. Although Microsoft appears to have a product that will be quite competitive they will have some huge hurdles to overcome to even break the surface of this market, and sales will need to reach the millions for true success.

The key may be relative to what Microsoft can deliver that is exclusive to this product, what trending software that may be cutting edge and allow users to do more with regard to multi-media, and offer some anti-fruit options that just don’t function for the folks from Cupertino. How about some special software options or apps for bloggers as this would definitely give Microsoft a boost, and I’m willing and ready to not only test the “Surface” but I’ll give it a real run for its money.

The “Surface” has all the hardwired specs needed and will available in two versions 32 GB and 64 GB.


Microsoft Surface Windows RT Model Specs

Screen: 10.6-inch HD Display.
OS: Windows RT (Windows on ARM) .
Weight: 676 g.
Storage: 32 GB or 64 GB
Battery: 31.5 watt-hour.
CPU: Nvidia Tegra.
Connectivity: WiFi, USB port
Ports: microSD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video.
Software: Office 15.
Casing: VaporMg Case & Stand.


Well the real question may be whether or not Microsoft’s newest entry into the tablet market can spark some development for them that is exclusive to their tablet product, and will this entry give them an opportunity to possibly expand their potential within the realm of emerging media? 

Microsoft Finally Surfaces!

June 30, 2012


Microsoft Profecy

June 15, 2012

Microsoft has summoned those in the know and those who may or may not be significant, but then again who knows.I’m sure we all have our own opinions of whats what, but the story seems to be unclear as those who you think should be on the inside are completely exonerated. Now let’s be honest this could be some bogus software spoof, possibly Windows 8 or even a more mundane crappola improvement such as Microsoft Office.

My theory is that Microsoft introduces one of two things, either a smartphone sort of iPhone like, or what seems to be on some peoples radar is a tablet similar in size to the iPad loaded with Windows like software, something that can compete in the crowded tablet market and give Microsoft a punch in the market that they have been missing.

Take the time to search the web for what might or might not surprise you concerning Microsoft come Monday?


Completely Storified!

June 12, 2012 is my new found social media nirvana, it’s not only functional and easy to use but it offers an experience that is currently unduplicated in the social media world. Storify offers users the ultimate experience in progressive interactive media expressionism. With the aid of tweets, video’s, news stories, press releases, and any picture or jpeg users can literally build and design their own montage. Your blank canvas can quickly transform into a masterpiece of your making, goodies that are floating on the web can be arranged along with the original text you deliver to enhance or define the storyline.

Create your own journal or your newborns pictures for the entire family to enjoy, maybe that biography of a grandparent that has been on your to-do list for sometime will finally get its due. Regardless this is an outstanding tool for personal use or for a small business to introduce itself using all available marketing material aligned for premium results, check out the NHL Stanley Cup Champs today at


Facebook Apps spell success for developers?

June 12, 2012

Facebook announced their newest venture the App Center, which allows consumers the opportunity to link with Apps that can be utilized on Facebook. Users can browse apps by category, and in turn the apps that consumers enjoy the most will be promoted, the app center is designed as more of a search tool for those who engage in Facebook. Each individual App has its own page, thus the user can explore its true potential and come to the positive or negative realization that it will work for them.


Many game developers see the Facebook App center as a huge win, in an industry where post development advertisement is key they are looking for any cost effective option to sell and deliver games to consumers. The story may be one of successes if Facebook’s audience can assist with the introduction of these games for the development teams, where word-of- mouth may be the choice for marketing endeavors.


Read the story at ( and follow up with your own opinion today!



LinkedIn or Linkedout: Security breach sours users trust!

June 7, 2012

With the recent security breach over at LinkedIn users are wondering if they should be linking out for their own good. LinkedIn had established themselves as the career counselor and confidant to anyone and everyone, for many recruiters the word has been that if your not LinkedIn your not going anywhere. But trust is the key derivative here, we are all taking some risk posting our employment history and expertise on the site for all to peruse, and while I want to put myself out there I also want to be secure that my information is safe and cannot be updated by someone in the Kremlin.

LinkedIn’s position as of today is that some accounts have been violated, and those consumers have been notified and advised to change their passwords. We are talking millions of accounts and the folks at LinkedIn seem to be sort of ho-hum about the whole thing. Honestly I’m a bit worried as the breaching attackers had notably been within LinkedIn for the last several days and may still have access, this is truly a case of uninvited guests.

Check out the Reuters story at