LinkedIn or Linkedout: Security breach sours users trust!

With the recent security breach over at LinkedIn users are wondering if they should be linking out for their own good. LinkedIn had established themselves as the career counselor and confidant to anyone and everyone, for many recruiters the word has been that if your not LinkedIn your not going anywhere. But trust is the key derivative here, we are all taking some risk posting our employment history and expertise on the site for all to peruse, and while I want to put myself out there I also want to be secure that my information is safe and cannot be updated by someone in the Kremlin.

LinkedIn’s position as of today is that some accounts have been violated, and those consumers have been notified and advised to change their passwords. We are talking millions of accounts and the folks at LinkedIn seem to be sort of ho-hum about the whole thing. Honestly I’m a bit worried as the breaching attackers had notably been within LinkedIn for the last several days and may still have access, this is truly a case of uninvited guests.

Check out the Reuters story at

One Response to LinkedIn or Linkedout: Security breach sours users trust!

  1. tripleemedia says:

    Hackers are definitely doing a good job at influencing consumer trust as companies such as Sony, Zappos, eHarmony, Citigroup, and even Verisign have fallen prey to security breach. Even prior to these highly publicized infiltrations, identity-theft was a major concern to consumers. The important thing here is for company’s to be completely transparent about the incident and let consumers know the steps they plan to take to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

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