Microsoft Profecy

Microsoft has summoned those in the know and those who may or may not be significant, but then again who knows.I’m sure we all have our own opinions of whats what, but the story seems to be unclear as those who you think should be on the inside are completely exonerated. Now let’s be honest this could be some bogus software spoof, possibly Windows 8 or even a more mundane crappola improvement such as Microsoft Office.

My theory is that Microsoft introduces one of two things, either a smartphone sort of iPhone like, or what seems to be on some peoples radar is a tablet similar in size to the iPad loaded with Windows like software, something that can compete in the crowded tablet market and give Microsoft a punch in the market that they have been missing.

Take the time to search the web for what might or might not surprise you concerning Microsoft come Monday?


2 Responses to Microsoft Profecy

  1. Kirsty Wertz says:

    So, what did you think of their announcement? Did you see the video footage of the goof?

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