Consumer Behavior

November 29, 2012


Consumer behavior is the relative action or actions of the consumer, basically how we buy, what we buy, and when we buy. Sounds simple enough but in reality its just not all that vanilla as there are many flavors that lend themselves to consumer behavior. Buying behavior is not relegated to need, as buying can be linked to desire, lust, and most critically impulse. There is a process within all buying attached to decision making, we all make strong educated decisions and weaker snap or thoughtless decisions that are not reasoned and evaluated properly. Consumer behavior can be trending or chemical, we buy an iPhone because everyone else has one (peer pressure?) or we may purchase a Big Mac because we are not only hungry but we just watched the McDonalds commercial and now suddenly we are at the drive-through window.

An interesting question may be are we induced to react through the communicative digital technology delivered through marketing and advertising. We buy for both addictive and emotional reasons, and we tend to buy due to brand loyalty and trust. You may think you buy Downey fabric softener because it makes your clothes so soft, but in reality the purchase may be relative to the smell, that blue plastic bottle, or your history with the product. Maybe it reminds you of Mom, the house you grew up in, Grandma, or maybe just gives you a really good feeling regarding all of the above. Consumer behavior is more in depth than just buying, but buying is linked to how we accept and understand messaging which in turn is connected to communication delivered in advertising and how we interpret or process it.

Can’t Touch This-Killer Containers

November 21, 2012

      I guess the technical name for these devices of pain, destruction, and personnel deprecation is “rigid plastic clamshell” packaging. Unless you have been living in the deepest jungles of the Amazon for the past twenty years you have at one time or another been exposed to this material. I believe that toy makers, electronics companies, and most hardware suppliers have decided to make the entire interaction with their product a nightmare for the common man or woman.


  The hard shell seems and presents as impenetrable, the clear unassuming hard plastic almost seems to be a diversion, you can see the product clearly, positioned nicely propped up all shiny new, almost like a trophy. But guess what, you can’t have it, it’s mocking you, just sitting there, laughing at you. You struggle and pry at it, it won’t break, will not even budge, try and try and try again, but no luck. The manufacturers suggest the use of a knife, box cutter, maybe scissors if available. Realistically explosives, a hammer and chisel, or believe it or not a flamethrower would be more proficient. You begin by stabbing at it as if your life depended upon it, your temper is rising as it has never before, and you’re plugging away at a new $300 dollar cell phone like a madman or woman. 

Marketing team where are you in all this, I mean lets get serious this packaging is killing your products and revenue potential, fix it!


It’s not just about the bike: Livestrong Armstrong

November 14, 2012


Nike must be in mourning after the loss of Lance Armstrong just a few weeks ago as he was so much more than just an spokes person athlete; he was essentially the primary component of the Livestrong product line. Lance is and always will be the heart and soul of Livestrong and that yellow rubber band that grew into a kinship of fighters who refused to give up, and also a clothing and footwear product line that has done nothing but spell profit for Nike.

Unfortunately word is that Lance cannot even participate in the shadows of Livestrong, as he has been forced to step away from the chairmanship of Livestrong as well. Honestly it’s a shame that his dedication to cancer research fund raising is being thrown out the window.  Whether you believe Armstrong’s guilt or innocence, you can never question his dedication to the cause; he has taken those with a cancer diagnosis from victims to an elite survivorship. I think the brand that truly is Lance Armstrong will always live on.

Thanks Lance!