What is Progressive Interactive Media?

August 31, 2012

Progressive Interactive Media encompasses all that has been described as “emerging media”, and identifies the key components relative to communications, marketing, advertising, and all interactive techniques and positioning of these processes. Progressive because we attempt to remain cutting edge and continuously evolving, Interactive as we must have a unique relationship with the customer encouraging engagement, allowing them to offer an opinion while there should be a give and take from marketer to consumer, and Media driven referring to the potential of mass communication.

When exploring the development of traditional media its quite hard to believe that the evolution of radio took some forty years from introduction to acceptance. While television was both sight and sound and a bit more interactive with greater communication potential, but even so it took more than ten years for the consumer to adopt the media option as habit. Thus in an ever evolving world, just a few short years ago the introduction of the iPad was to say the least emerging, and it took just 81 days for the consumer market to embed this digital technology deep within its sole. Digital media and how its generated or provided the consumer is a constantly changing environment with new products materializing at will, and older products constantly being redesigned to keep up with the evolution.

Emerging media has become the essence of our current communication forum that continues to evolve within the digital world, as we continue to trend toward supernatural interactivity between both the human element and digitally manipulated expressionism. Think about the movie “Minority Report”, which depicts a world where even your next breath is almost pre-determined and marketing technique’s include interactive virtual sales people and ads addressing you by name. This fairy tale movies plot is definitely the next progressive interactive media activity on the horizon, a good example is Europe where most credit cards already have a small identification chip, that tiny chip could and will be used to identify you, maintain your tendencies, foods you like, and purchases you are likely to make. In reality marketing to you the individual will be a simple mathematical process defined by digital technology.

I obviously cannot predict the next phase in the emerging media evolution although I can guarantee you that it will be digital, lightening fast, and offer state of the art interactive communication potential.