Do you have Klout?

Recently I was lucky enough to hear Mark Schaefer speak regarding his book “Return on Influence”. Basically he discussed social influence and the key derivatives of that social presence on the web. Simply enough he introduced me to “Klout”,  which is your social influence measurement or percentage of how influential you can be. You can go to the website ( and program in your information and they will give you your score. I was actually not very impressed with my score, they Klouted me out at a 4 (four), not as influential as I had expected? Now to be honest I was really excited about this whole Klout thing until I actually got my score, especially since I found that Conan O’Brien has an 83, and I agree with you, Conan should be higher, but not 79 points higher?

So I’m going to tell the truth here I have spent the entire weekend trying to raise my Klout score to compete with Conan, I have Tweeted and been on LinkedIn constantly posting and blogging till I could barely type a single word. I’m social beyond social; I’m virtually living in the shadow of media influence. As the weekend came to a close I measured my social influence once again with the Klout meter and sure enough, I’m now a solid 12, so watch out Conan!

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