Facebook Apps spell success for developers?

Facebook announced their newest venture the App Center, which allows consumers the opportunity to link with Apps that can be utilized on Facebook. Users can browse apps by category, and in turn the apps that consumers enjoy the most will be promoted, the app center is designed as more of a search tool for those who engage in Facebook. Each individual App has its own page, thus the user can explore its true potential and come to the positive or negative realization that it will work for them.


Many game developers see the Facebook App center as a huge win, in an industry where post development advertisement is key they are looking for any cost effective option to sell and deliver games to consumers. The story may be one of successes if Facebook’s audience can assist with the introduction of these games for the development teams, where word-of- mouth may be the choice for marketing endeavors.


Read the story at Inc.com (http://www.inc.com/jj-mccorvey/facebook-app-center-launches.html) and follow up with your own opinion today!



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