Social Media: Refine and Define!

July 23, 2012

I constantly discuss with other marketing managers the ever heralded choice, how to choose a social media outlet and why. As would be expected the answers are spread far and wide, while many choose Facebook because that’s where their expertise lies, others are inclined to go with Twitter because on the surface it appears to be an easier route. Then again there are others who are sprinkled across the social media landscape, they dabble in this and that, they “tweet” and they “like” but have no real focus on what they’re trying to accomplish. I refer to this lack luster groups practice as Social Media Slathering (SMS), there out there sort of into it, but really not committed to anything.

The obvious question is what are you trying to gain from social media, what’s the objective, and is there a specific offering that may be better suited for your endeavor or interaction with customers. I’m not implying you cannot utilize more than one outlet, and Facebook and Twitter may be a great combination or a better duo may be Twitter and Pinterest. In my opinion Facebook is your products life story, little bits and pieces shaped into a page for everyone you have friended and all those future friends. Twitter on the other hand is  neat little verbal crumbs that you drop along the way, the story is in a constant state of evolution and we are along for the ride as you go about your day. Think about this, take those Twitter crumbs of verbalization and add them to Pinterest, pin the visual aspect of your jargon into a digital picture book ala Pinterest, tell your story and communicate with your customers by tweeting and pining.

Whatever your choice remember that the idea is too effectively communicate and interact with customers, achieve at least one specific deliverable through social media. Now don’t be shy get out there and indulge, make the effort to listen and learn, while shaping your customers opinion of the brand, ultimately take that interaction that social media is just begging to give you and use it to your advantage.


Baseball and Twitter a Match Made in Social Media Heaven?

July 11, 2012

Social media continues to be the most convenient and aggressively outreaching communication venue at our disposal today. What happened last night is certainly proof that even the most inept communicators can utilize social media to interact and communicate with their public’s. Baseball came full circle and played the game under the watchful eyes of Twitter, players tweeted between innings, got down and dirty with fans – some person to person- and just made the whole experience much more interesting for everyone.

Baseball in general is boring, the games go on forever and even if you’re actually in the stands it can be a snooze-fest. Imagine this scenario; instead of this being a onetime all star game test run lets make this a permanent thing for the folks at MLB. Instead of ignoring the fans bring them into the dugouts, tweet and tweet again and build that brand relationship between fan and player.

So what do you think Major League Baseball?


Pinteresting Opportunity

July 3, 2012


To Pinterest or not To Pinterest

July 3, 2012

Does your brand suffer from the lack of visual identification, are you looking for that consumer revelation that will bring you in from the jungle that every other brand seems to be roaming around in.  Basically if you’re not a major player and not riding the Interbrand Top 100, as the likes of Apple, Coke, and Sony teams, there is a good chance brand recognition is a primary need.

Pinterest has become the perennial phenomenon that is delivering with double-digit expectations. The electronic picture book has introduced the public and marketers alike to the craze that is Pinteresting to say the least. When Fredrick Bernard published his piece titled “ One Look is Worth A Thousand Word’s” he had no clue that some one hundred years later that “pictures alone” could carry an audience with the assistance of digital media.