It’s not just about the bike: Livestrong Armstrong


Nike must be in mourning after the loss of Lance Armstrong just a few weeks ago as he was so much more than just an spokes person athlete; he was essentially the primary component of the Livestrong product line. Lance is and always will be the heart and soul of Livestrong and that yellow rubber band that grew into a kinship of fighters who refused to give up, and also a clothing and footwear product line that has done nothing but spell profit for Nike.

Unfortunately word is that Lance cannot even participate in the shadows of Livestrong, as he has been forced to step away from the chairmanship of Livestrong as well. Honestly it’s a shame that his dedication to cancer research fund raising is being thrown out the window.  Whether you believe Armstrong’s guilt or innocence, you can never question his dedication to the cause; he has taken those with a cancer diagnosis from victims to an elite survivorship. I think the brand that truly is Lance Armstrong will always live on.

Thanks Lance!

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