To Pinterest or not To Pinterest

Does your brand suffer from the lack of visual identification, are you looking for that consumer revelation that will bring you in from the jungle that every other brand seems to be roaming around in.  Basically if you’re not a major player and not riding the Interbrand Top 100, as the likes of Apple, Coke, and Sony teams, there is a good chance brand recognition is a primary need.

Pinterest has become the perennial phenomenon that is delivering with double-digit expectations. The electronic picture book has introduced the public and marketers alike to the craze that is Pinteresting to say the least. When Fredrick Bernard published his piece titled “ One Look is Worth A Thousand Word’s” he had no clue that some one hundred years later that “pictures alone” could carry an audience with the assistance of digital media.

One Response to To Pinterest or not To Pinterest

  1. BG says:

    Pinterest presents great opportunities for companies who want to be recognized. This is especially good for graphic designers or photographers, who make a living off of creating those images or graphics to last a life time. However, because it is just starting to really gain popularity, I think that marketers are still trying to figure out exactly how they want to use it. I can’t wait to see what happens when it really takes off.

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