Baseball and Twitter a Match Made in Social Media Heaven?

Social media continues to be the most convenient and aggressively outreaching communication venue at our disposal today. What happened last night is certainly proof that even the most inept communicators can utilize social media to interact and communicate with their public’s. Baseball came full circle and played the game under the watchful eyes of Twitter, players tweeted between innings, got down and dirty with fans – some person to person- and just made the whole experience much more interesting for everyone.

Baseball in general is boring, the games go on forever and even if you’re actually in the stands it can be a snooze-fest. Imagine this scenario; instead of this being a onetime all star game test run lets make this a permanent thing for the folks at MLB. Instead of ignoring the fans bring them into the dugouts, tweet and tweet again and build that brand relationship between fan and player.

So what do you think Major League Baseball?


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